Hillview Farmstay was originally part of a larger sheep farm holding.  The original owners and their son Ben planted most of the fruit trees around the homestead.

In 2003, the property was purchased by Jann and Peter who had the vision to build a farmstay for travellers between Sydney and Melbourne.  Peter built the 1st 4-cottages from 2003-2006 until they officially opened on 2006.  As the guests steadily increased, Peter built the newest addition – The Lodge.  Under Jann and Peter’s care, Hillview Farmstay continued to cater for a steady flow of guests, who are regulars and have spread the word of this little gem “between Sydney and Melbourne” to family and friends.  In 2017, Jann and Peter made the decision to retire and enjoy the fruits of their labour as they travel inter-state and overseas.

  • Ruth and Pierre feel blessed to have been in the right place at the right time. Bogged down in the Sydney rat-race, both working full time while looking after their 4 children, Ruth and Pierre knew they had to make a change. The initial idea was to look for a hobby farm to give their children ages (0-9) space to run around and explore. However, soaring property prices in Sydney made purchase of 5-acreas unreachable. So one day, they decided to look at Regional Australia, specifically Gundagai. In July 2017, they set an appointment with a real-estate agent to look at a 200+ acres farm so they decided to spend the weekend in the area. Where else better to stay than a farmstay in Gundagai so Ruth booked two nights at Hillview Farmstay. It was an love at first sight – comfortable accommodation and lovely country setting. As fortunes had it, Ruth and Pierre found out that that same weekend was the first open-house for Hillview Farmstay. Without wasting much time, Pierre and Ruth pulled in all resources they had and made the best they can. The rest is history – Jann and Peter accepted and the baton is now with Ruth and Pierre.

  • Ruth and Pierre’s aim is to continue the legacy that Jann and Peter has started – with the same quality and enthusiasm. Their current focus is to establish the staff and the systems to make daily operations easy while providing a world-class experience for their guests. Once they have achieved this, their next aim is to add more activities and new speciality accommodation (such as glamping sites).

    The holiday of Dec 2017 was a good test of fire for both Ruth and Pierre because that is the busiest time and the accommodation was booked 100% for 4 weeks straight. So far, they survived with great feedback from guests.

    Ruth and Pierre are proud to offer employment to locals in the region from housekeeping to animal management. We are also very happy to have made wonderful friendships and connections with the community.

    We look forward to play hosts to you and your families. Our philosophy is – when you are staying with us, consider this your home away from home.

Hillview Farmstay offers so much for everyone making us the natural choice for your next holiday.
  • 🏠 Luxury 4.5 ⭐️ cottages
  • ⛺️ Glamping Safari Tents
  • 🐮 Farm animal activities
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Great for families
  • 🚗 Halfway between Sydney & Melbourne, 2 hours from Canberra
  • 🐶 Pet friendly
  • 🐎 Horse accommodation
  • 🎉 [email protected] Farmstay
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