We have dinner sorted!

We understand that you have driven far and we want to make sure you have everything you need when you are at the property.  Have a country BBQ with our delicious Hillview Farmstay gourmet lamb sausage and chops! Each accommodation has a BBQ where you can cook our pre-packed preservative and gluten free meat products.  Complete your BBQ with a tossed salad and cheese platter. And why not try the local wine and beer from the Riverina region. Hillview Farmstay is licensed and we stock local award winning wines.


If you love our meat products, why not purchase some to take home. All our meat products are frozen (that is because they are preservative free)

  • Green Salad$12.00 (small); $18.00 (medium); $22 (large)
  • Chicken thigh (pack of 2)$15.00
  • Beef Sausage (pack of 6)$18.00
  • Lamb Sausages (pack of 6)$18.00
  • Kofta (pack of 6)$24.00
  • Beef Rump Steak (pack of 2)$24.00
  • Lamb Chops (pack of 4)$24.00
  • Cheese Platter$35.00
  • Lebanese bread$5.00
  • Hummos (chickpeas dip)$8.00
  • Babaghanouge (eggplant with tahini dip)$8.00
  • Lebanese garlic dip (Toum)$8.00
  • Peri-peri dip (spicy red chilli with garlic)$8.00
  • Fetta and Olive dip$8.00
  • Tzatziki dip (cucumber with yogurt)$8.00

Check out all our local wines, beers and ciders at the shearing shed behind the tennis court.

  • Premium Beer (ie Corona)$8.00  per bottle
  • Tuckerbox Apple Cider$8.00  per bottle
  • Tuckerbox Hoppy Lager (local beer)$8.00  per bottle
  • Beer (ie Iron Jack)$5.00  per bottle
  • Cocktail Wines (see full range at shearing shed)$35.00  per bottle
  • Bormabola 2014 Moonlight Cabaret Sauvignon$35.00  per bottle
  • Bormabola 2013 Hiraji’s Spell Shiraz$35.00  per bottle
  • Bormabola 2017 Bunya Bunya Chardonnay$35.00  per bottle
  • Bormabola NV VIII Sparkling$35.00  per bottle
  • Water (600ml)$3.00  per bottle
  • Soft drinks$3.00  per can