Pet friendly farm stays

Pet friendly farm stays

When you find the ideal pet-friendly farm stays to bring your dog on vacation with you, you will never have to leave them at home during your break. Our farm stay in NSW provides some of the best vacation possibilities, whether you hike up hills, wander through green and new environments, or enjoy different farm activities.

It could be difficult for you if you can’t bring your pets on vacation. Don’t lose hope; pet-friendly farm stays offer a variety of vacation accommodations that are the ideal option. So, rather than boarding kennels, bring your pets along on your next trip.

If you are considering booking dog-friendly accommodation in NSW, Hillview Farmstay has a lot to offer. This pet-friendly farm stay is a fantastic rural residence with breathtaking views, including a farmhouse, cosy cottages for self-catering, opulent lodges, and lovely glamping.

Why Book Pet-Friendly Farm Stays?

If you are taking your dog or any pet on a trip, picking the correct dog-friendly accommodation in NSW is crucial. You and your pet will have a fantastic vacation if you stay in a place that accepts pets and provides excellent pet amenities.

These suggestions will help you and your pet have a stress-free and enjoyable trip before you leave on your next vacation. Before making a reservation, calling and inquiring about the accommodation’s pet policies is a good idea. The website for the hotel may only sometimes reflect the most recent updates to the rules. Some things to look for are:

Is the whole place pet-friendly, or are there some areas where pets are not allowed?
Can you leave your pet alone inside the lodges?
When they are in the room, must the animals be in crates?
Can I hire a dog sitter from the place?

Be A Responsible Pet Owner

Travelling with pets has recently gained popularity since pet parents may more easily transport their animals. However, taking your pet with you has its difficulties. By adhering to some straightforward rules, you may make your holiday memorable for both of you.

Vaccinate your pet. Before a trip, your pet should have a vaccination to guard your pet and other animals from harmful and perhaps fatal infections. When travelling, keep a copy of your pet’s immunisation records with you; many accommodations request this information when guests check in.

Book Hillview Farmstay

Here at Hillview Farmstay, we believe that pets are part of the extended family, so we promote a pet-friendly policy. We require that all pets are registered, and their immunisations are up to date. Hillview Farmstay would appreciate you letting us know if you have a pet travelling with you during your booking process.

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Note: A fee of $30 per dog per night is applicable in addition to your accommodation. Please inform us via email ( that you are bringing a dog.

Our POLICY rules are as follows;

If you do not have any bedding for your dog, we will provide a porta cot for your dog (small) to sleep inside the cottage at night.

Dogs must not be on any carpet, furniture or bedding. A cleaning or repair fee of $100 will be applied to your credit card for extra cleaning or repairs caused by your pet.

Your dog must be kept on a leash at all times when it is outside the cottage.

Any disturbances, such as barking, are to be kept to an absolute minimum to ensure that other guests are not inconvenienced.

You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog and place in the outside bin (the black crate under the stairs of the shearing shed) in a plastic bag. Please do not put it in the bin inside.

Dogs are not permitted in the swimming pool area except guide dogs.

You agree to be responsible for all property damages and personal injuries resulting from your dog. You further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Hillview Farmstay, its owners and operators from all liability and damage suffered as a result of your dog.

All other animals are welcome, but please let us know before your arrival so we can meet your pets’ needs.

Please note: This is a working farm. Please ask us if you wish to have your dog leash-free and which paddock they can go in. Also, note you are in the country, and snakes are present, so please have your dog under control at all times.

A fee of $30 per dog per night applies. If you are booking via our website, the pet fee is automatically included in the booking process. If you are booking via a 3rd party (ie, Expedia, Airbnb), please do a bank transfer and email to a copy of the receipt. Bank details are as follows: BSB: 062-600; Account Number: 1075 2573; Account Name: Hillview Farmstay; Amount: $30; Reference: Guest Name and Checkin Date.

The PET POLICY needs to be completed before arrival. Link can be found above or in your welcome email.

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