Questions to Ask Before Booking a Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Gundagai 

March 12, 2023

People who travel with their pets know the struggle of looking for pet friendly accommodation in Gundagai. These fur members of our family are frequently welcomed in cafes, restaurants, museums, and amusement parks; however, looking for an accommodation that offers pet-friendly policies is quite a challenge.

In the first place, how can you tell if the hostel is pet-friendly? What are the standards of a pet friendly hostel? When visitors with pets use booking sites, they select the “pets allowed” filter, and their excitement begins. Options are available, and results are sorted.

pet friendly accommodation gundagai

However, not all pet friendly accommodations adhere to the standards and requirements. Therefore, how can you be sure that the place you pick will accommodate your demands and make you and your pet feel at home? You will have all the information required to make the best choice if you ask the following questions.

Is the Place Pet-Friendly?

It’s essential to check if the accommodation is still pet-friendly before moving on to less visible matters. Websites are only sometimes up to date, and pet policies are subject to rapid modification.

Next, when booking accommodations, remember that “pet-friendly” doesn’t always mean that all pets are welcome, and some accommodations will even charge you more if you are travelling with a cat. Check to see if you need to bring immunisation records for your pets when you check in.

You can be more ready if you are aware of this knowledge beforehand.

Is There a Breed or Weight Limit?

Accommodations frequently enforce weight limitations; some have the restriction set absurdly low, like 15 pounds. Remember that accommodations have some leeway in their size restrictions and will try to accommodate you if you ask. Remember to write down who you spoke with in case of any questions when you check in.

How Many Pets Are Allowed?

Understanding whether you can all stay in the same room together when travelling with many pets is essential. Remember to ask this question before booking your accommodation. Each accommodation has a distinctive number of pets that are allowed.

Hillview Farmstay is a pet friendly accommodation in Gundagai where you can bring your fur babies. This accommodation in Gundagai NSW has a lot of activities to offer, which you and your pets can enjoy. Pets are part of the extended family, so we promote a Pet-Friendly Policy.

We require that all pets are registered and their immunisations are up to date. Hillview Farmstay would appreciate you letting us know if you have a pet travelling with you during your booking process.

Does the Place Impose Further Pet Charges?

The cost of additional pet fees can range from being free to exceeding the price of a night’s lodging. Please ensure you know all the fees before making your reservation, regardless of whether they are per night, stay, or pet. Ask if any of the deposit is refundable if there are no damages to the room during your stay.

There is a $30 pet fee per dog per night that is payable if bringing your pet.

What Services and Activities Does the Place Provide that Are Pet-Friendly?

A convenient, grassy pet rest area is consistently the most crucial feature. However, some accommodations offer welcome goodies, pet menus, pet beds and bowls, spa services, and pet-sitting options.

Our pet friendly accommodation in Gundagai has an eclosed dog run where your dogs can run freely off-leash.  5 of our cottages also have an enclosed verandah for your dogs.

Can Pets be Left Unsupervised Inside the Rooms?

You can make the necessary preparations if you know whether the accommodation permits pets to be left alone in the room while you go out for a meal or run errands.

When left alone, pets pose two main problems: damage to the room and noise that annoys other visitors. Accommodations frequently demand that pets be kept in crates while you’re away to prevent unpleasant situations.

Book Our Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Wagga Wagga

If you are planning to go on a vacation with your pets, Hillview Farmstay is a pet friendly accommodation in Gundagai that is perfect for you. You can trust that you will have an experience of a lifetime on our farm.

Here are some of the pet guidelines for our dog-friendly accommodation in NSW:

If you do not have any bedding for your dog, our pet-friendly farm stays provide a porta cot to sleep inside the cottage at night. Dogs must not be on any carpet, furniture, or bedding. A cleaning or repair fee of $100 will be applied to your credit card for extra cleaning or repairs caused by your pet.

It would help if you always kept your dog on a leash when outside the cottage. Any disturbances, such as barking, must be kept to an absolute minimum to ensure that other guests are not inconvenienced.

You agree to be responsible for all property damages and personal injuries caused by your pets. All other animals are welcome in our pet friendly accommodation in Wagga Wagga, but please let us know before your arrival so that we can meet your pets’ needs.

If you plan to book our pet friendly accommodation in Gundagai for your next family vacation, do not hesitate to call Hillview Farmstay at 0421 922 788 or email us at You can visit us at 3241 Hume Highway, Mount Adrah NSW 2729.

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