• Thrill of seeing the birds

    Bird watching is an activity that brings nature to life! It can be as relaxing as a sitting in your yard or as vigorous as a hike in the bush. Even better, it is something you can do as a family – it gets you outdoors and connecting with each other as well as the environment.

    If its your lucky day, you may get a glimpse of the Australian Wedge-tail Eagle soaring the skies! We also have baby birds who have fallen from their nests and take care until they are strong enough to rejoin the wild. Ask Raywin to see them all.

    “The sharp thrill of seeing them birds reminded me of childhood happiness, gifts under the Christmas tree, perhaps, a kind of euphoria we adults manage to shut out most of the time. This is why I bird-watch, to recapture what it’s like to live in this moment, right now.”
    ― Lynn Thomson, Birding with Yeats: A Mother’s Memoir